iPhone alarm app

My favorite assignment from Fall semester. We were given the assignment of designing the interface and functionality of an iPhone app.

At that time I was impressed by the glossy textures common in interface design. It’s not my aesthetic of choice any longer, but I did enjoy the work in Illustrator.

The main feature of the app was the ability to connect with the calendar of other users. You could then customize how the app would notify you of friends’ calendar events.

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Clock Interface

The clock would display a white face during the day. As the day transitions to night, it would slide along the greyscale to black.





Settings Panel

The settings panel for what I called the iKnow feature along with a general settings panel.





Calendar Interface

Monthly, weekly, daily and ‘Add Event’ views. The bubbles on the weekly view would slide left and right to show events for that day.





Radio Interface

The user would be able to manipulate the needle with his/her finger with a swiping motion. To ensure the user would land on the appropriate station, only stations with a clear signal would be displayed. The needle would ‘snap’ to those displayed stations. The user could also choose any station by swiping the numbers on the rotating panel in the middle.










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