Logos For Friends

I know they say never work for cheap, or even free, but I love doing a solid for friends and giving them something beautiful for a new business or activity.

Champagne Event Services

A friend in the business of wedding lighting, along with other things, needed a brand identity. An easy going client, thankful for whatever I came up with, loved the idea of an art deco approach using a spark as a custom mark that can be used in brand materials outside of the entire lockup.

Team Train Lightly

I was on the Train Lightly team for the 2014 AIDS Lifecycle, a ride from San Francisco to LA, raising money to support HIV/AIDS community work. We needed a logo and I was so excited to make one. In addition to the logo, I designed a jersey and thank you cards. And yes, that's Holly Golightly, riding a bike, with an AK-47.

Native Sun Landscape Design

My brother and a friend just started a landscape design business in North Carolina. They're starting out small but knew they needed a logo, business cards and letterhead for invoices.