In the summer of 2013, I collaborated with a team to redo the ACLU's website. Following the work done on their main organizational website, they came back asking for help with their affiliates' websites. They wanted to set up a website template to make available to interested affiliates.

We began by holding a series of stakeholder interviews and distributing a survey to all the affiliates to determine what was most important for them. Once we firmed up their preferences and priorities, we moved into information architecture and UX. We based the UX on the main, organizational website for consistency's sake and we identified the most useful templates we could create within the budget. 

This first pass at creating a website template was successful. We created and assembled all the necessary page templates for the affiliates to begin creating websites. Development is currently underway and the ACLU has contracted with us again to create additional web page templates to make available to their affiliates.